The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Huang-Wei Chang

 I have a Bachelor degree of architecture and a Master degree of urban and rural planning then become a registered architect in Taiwan. After participating in design and planning projects in Taiwan and China for four years, I started a new journey with the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF). I worked as a sovereign lending and investment project manager, and was responsible for projects related to construction finance in Indonesia, Central America and Swaziland.


I joined DPU in September 2016 to research the impact and process of crowdfunding in China’s urban-rural development. Crowdfunding is often seen as a means to provide seed capital to rural communities and an opportunity to establish socially and environmentally justifiable business models. However, the lack of adequate access to, and knowledge of, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) or misplaced efforts by protagonists may fail to deliver the objectives. By tracing two cases of crowdfunded start-up agribusiness in China, this research aims to understand the power structure of the related crowdfunding chains and their interoperations with/without the intermediation of ICTs. The potential contribution is to demystify the Chinese agricultural crowdfunding fever and generate knowledge which can be used for ICTs infrastructure planning and crowdfunding project design in the future.