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Gideon Mensah-Commey

Gideon Mensah-Commey

Nationality: Ghanaian
Thesis: UK Agri-food trade: Analysing biodiversity impacts of tomato imports from key Africa trade partners, and the barriers to domestic tomato farming practices that benefit biodiversity in the UK.
Key Topics: food trade, biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, trade policy

I am part of doctoral researchers selected for cohort 1 of the UK Food Systems Centre for Doctoral Training (UKFS-CDT). As an activist passionate about understanding the complex interactions between food, nature, and climate, my conviction is that fixing our broken food system is key to addressing the nature and climate crises.

My background is environment planning and management, having graduated from the Masters of Environment and Sustainable Development programme in the Development Planning Unit of University College London. My interest in food systems was strengthened during the COVID-19 lockdown period in 2020, when I spent much of that time growing food in my backyard garden in Acca, Ghana, and sharing the crops with neighbours to address food insecurity in our local community. I am interested in research which explores the numerous ways agricultural production impacts the natural environment and biodiversity, and the policy pathways required for agricultural production and food trade that benefits biodiversity.

My professional background is diverse; I founded Ghana Youth Environmental Movement (GYEM), a youth-led organization in Ghana focused on environmental advocacy and campaigns. I have gathered over 15 years of cross-sector expertise in education and youth engagement, digital organizing and campaigns, policy advocacy and community-based project management. I worked in the past for WWF-UK on a short-term contract as the Global Education and Youth Engagement Officer.

I am a food grower and agroecology enthusiast with watching football and boxing as hobbies.

Primary supervisor: Prof Robert Biel
Secondary Supervisor: Dr Carole Dalin

Web profiles: 
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gideon-commey-90303a35/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gideonmcommey