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Francisco García González

Francisco García González

Nationality: Chilean
Thesis: The resurgence of ollas comunes in the wake of COVID-19: addressing food sovereignty to enhance just and resilient food systems
Key Topics: food sovereignty, socioenvironmental justice, resilience, community-based organisations 

I am a business engineer from Universidad de Chile and hold a MSc in environment and sustainable development from UCL. For the past fourteen years, I have worked in public and private institutions contributing to social equity, quality education, environmental regeneration, and cultural development. Currently, I am collaborating on building the first bank with ethical guidelines in Latin America. I have also taught at the University of Chile as a lecturer in modules connected to sustainable human development. Besides, I am a folk-rock musician and singer.

My research interest is focused on socioenvironmental justice, food sovereignty, urban resilience and participatory action-research approaches. My research project will examine the resurgence of ollas comunes (i.e. community kitchens), a citizen-led initiative developed as a local strategy to cope with food insecurity during COVID-19 through analysing a case study located in Santiago, Chile. Drawing on socioenvironmental justice framework, the study will explore how these grassroots food movements can contribute to more resilient and just food systems in contexts of multiple crises.  

Primary supervisor: Cassidy Johnson 
Secondary Supervisor: Rita Lambert

Web profiles: https://www.linkedin.com/in/franciscogarciag/

Languages: Spanish, English and basic Portuguese
Grant holder of the Chilean scholarship ANID Becas Chile