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DPU70 Film Festival 1 - Housing

24 January 2024, 5:30 pm–7:30 pm

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A series of film screenings drawing on the research of DPU colleagues to explore film as a method that engages with the politics of knowledge generation and ethical considerations of representation.

This event is free.

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Rita lambert


Lecture Theatre B17
1-19 Torrington Place
Torrington Place

Chair: Professor Haim Yacobi  
Panellists: Dr Rita Lambert, Professor Barbara Lipietz, Dr Paroj Banerjee 

Towards a Lima with energy justice and dignified housing 

How to coproduce knowledge remotely during the COVID 19 pandemic? This documentary, made as part of the project GEMDEV ‘Grounded Energy Modelling for Equitable Urban Development in the Global South’, is based on remote participatory video training to capture energy and housing challenges of low-income settlements in Lima and the strategies inhabitants adopt to reduce vulnerability.   

Sensing the City: Young people and regeneration in London 

This film is a collaboration with Pempeople and The Ubele Initiative to explore new methods of public voicing for young people. Facilitated by poet and performance artist Kat François and interdisciplinary media artist Daniel Oduntan, the film explores notions of belonging, change and displacement, race, age and labelling, Covid lockdowns and mental health, voicelessness and the importance of active listening when designing tools to empower.  

(Un)Homely City: Navigating houselessness in a pandemic 

Attention to unhoused groups in Indian cities have been poor. The pandemic, more precisely the ways it was governed exacerbated the living conditions of the urban houseless. This documentary has been produced following a research project called ‘Interrogating Unsafety’ which examined how the measures of protection was counterproductive for the houseless in Mumbai.