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Climate Change and Urbanisation in the Somali Horn

20 February 2024, 5:30 pm–7:00 pm

Image of the Somali Horn

Join us for this DPU Dialogues in Development event on climate change and urbanisation in the Somali Horn.

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Alexander Macfarlane


Gideon Scheier LT
Bentham House
Endsleigh Garden
United Kingdom

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The Somali Horn of Africa is facing a persistent and worsening climate crisis. Consecutive failed or deficient rainy seasons have created widespread acute food insecurity, periodically bordering on famine in some areas. These pressures are driving unprecedented levels of urbanisation, creating enormous pressure on towns and cities in the region that are already struggling to provide the necessary infrastructure and services for residents. Yet the fragmented political nature of the region means this humanitarian and developmental crisis is heavily under- represented in international discussions on support, including for example, under the loss and damage framework agreed at COP27 and the roles of indigenous communities and knowledge when combating climate change in the Somali Horn. There is a gap in understanding and limited research focus on root causes of climate change and the complex drivers and impacts on the region’s livelihoods and employment, political landscape, human rights, wider social relations and community cohesion.

This event seeks to use UCL's position as an academic institution to both facilitate discussion across divisions on these urgent issues and to serve as a platform for future research. By drawing attention to the urgency and magnitude of the issues at stake, and using our networks and position within the world’s top-ranked Faculty for the Built Environment, we believe we can help advance the Somali position within this critical discourse. Facilitating this discourse is vital if we are to widen the discussion around climate resilience, security, indigenous knowledge, and adaptation in the Somali Horn in the manner that is so urgently needed.