The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


DPU/SLURC Fellowship: Communication and fundraising

DPU Fellowship Based at Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre, Freetown.

Closing date for applications: 17th January 2023
Interviews: TBC likely week beginning with 24th January 2023 (via zoom)
Start: February/March 2023​​​​​​​
Duration: 8 months (with a possibility of a 2-months, to be confirmed)
Financial support: £10,000 for 8 months (if extended to 10months it would increase to £12,500)

As part of the partnership between The Bartlett Development Planning Unit (DPU), and Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre (SLURC) the Fellowship aims to offer experience and on-the-job-training for graduates from the DPU MSc programmes.

The Fellow will become part of the core staff of the Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre with the title of Communication and Fund Raising Officer. Under the direct supervision of the centre’s directors, the Fellow will produce, deliver and maintain communication management tools including SLURC’s website, social media, the quarterly newsletters and other SLURC outputs such as ad-hoc writing support to the directors or report layout, as well as provide ICT support. Furthermore, the person will assist with identifying suitable funding opportunities for SLURC and help SLURC management and staff to put together bids. The person will also assist with the implementation of a data management protocol. The Fellow’s approach to the task should focus on working together with other colleagues and build processes and capacity in colleagues to continue the work once he/she terminates his/her assignment.

The Fellowship will run for 10 months, starting asap. The fellow will be based in Freetown at the Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre (SLURC) at 17a Hill Cot Road, Freetown. Covid-19 cases in Sierra Leone are low and current requirements are 2 covid tests on arrival at the airport (rapid and PCR test) unless the person is fully vaccinated and a PCR test when leaving the country.


The FELLOW is expected to:


  1. Represent themselves, SLURC and the DPU to the highest standard;
  2. Work diligently and professionally on all agreed tasks;
  3. Complete a mid-term working report to be submitted to DPU and SLURC;
  4. Work with an attitude of mutual learning, reciprocal skills transfer, knowledge sharing and capacity building including delivery of some staff training such as blog writing and general writing, social media engagement, PowerPoint, map creation, interviewing skills or any other relevant skills
  5. Be respectful of diverse working styles, and work following decisions and indications from line managers (ie SLURC Directors who may delegate some functions)
  6. Prepare and deliver a number of outputs as listed below;
  7. Act responsibly with regards to the Fellowship programme: If an applicant chooses to cease the collaboration, and return home, he or she will have to reimburse the funds spent unless this is related to a major health issue. SLURC is providing advice and support to all employees during the pandemic.  The fellow is responsible for taking out an insurance including repatriation .
  8. Support the team in their ICT needs and transfer skills in using ICT for effective working
  9. Mentor colleagues as needed to ensure local staff will be able to continue to implement processes, tools and services after the end of the fellowship;
  10. Support as required different research projects and trainings undertaken by SLURC;
  11. Participate in weekly team meetings, supervision meetings and other SLURC activities as required;
  12. Fill out a realistic risk assessment and follow UCL’s ethical guidelines;


  1. Update SLURC communication strategy and design and implement communication management tools for SLURC activities;
  2. Update and expand the physical and online resource unit encompassing existing urban knowledge in Sierra Leone;
  3. Contribute to the production of SLURC knowledge outputs including graphic design (InDesign, Illustrator, Autocard software knowledge) and video editing;


  1. Implement a data management protocol which will be developed by an expert and provide relevant support to staff


  1. Support the directors in identifying funding opportunities, writing articles, briefs and other outputs for non-project related institutions and networks such as the African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA)

DPU is expected to:

1) Approve the selection of the participant along with SLURC;

2) Support the participant and host organisation remotely;

3) Provide feedback on the outputs produced by the Fellow;

4) Complete an assessment of program and participant after the working period;


1) Assist and mentor selected applicant during working periods providing weekly supervision meetings;

2) Include the Fellow in office activities (e.g. weekly staff meetings);

3) Provide the Fellow with access to all available information needed to accomplish the assignment;

4) Support the Fellow in the process of getting a visa and residence permit for the duration of the Fellowship (if applicable);

5) Assess Fellows while they work and give feedback and guidance when required to improve and enhance their learning.

6) Deliver the grant to fellow

7) Provide advice and guidance around COVID-19 measures

8) Inform the fellow of all the policy and procedures at SLURC


DPU through SLURC will support the selected Fellow with £10,000 (or if extended to 10 months £12,500), covering (the grant value is not dependent on the total cost of these items – the sum referenced will be paid regardless of that total provided the terms of this contract are met):

a. Round-trip travel from participant’s home city or UK to the host and any medical requirements (including vaccinations – please check on FCDO website), if applicable

b. Living allowance to cover housing, meals, transportation to and from work station (SLURC) and incidentals;

d. Necessary VISA, residence permit, covid tests and fees;

e. Medical insurance. It is a pre-condition to show proof of payment of the insurance before the Fellow is granted the award.

The amount of £10,000 (or if extended to 10months £12,500) will be transferred by SLURC to the Fellow’s UK bank account in two instalments:

  • £5,000 after signing the contract;
  • £5,000 after the 4th month
  • if extended to 10 months in total, an additional £2,500 will be paid after the 8th month  


Please send a CV (max 3 pages) and a cover letter (max 2 pages) explaining your motivation for this fellowship and how your skills and capacities will enable you to successfully perform the roles and responsibilities outlined above.

Do send your application to Andrea Rigon andrea.rigon@ucl.ac.uk and Andrea Klingel aklingel@slurc.org by 20 September with email subject SLURC fellowship application. You could also get in touch with informal queries to discuss the position.