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DPU Breakfasts

DPU's morning breakfast conversations

DPU Breakfasts

The DPU hosts a series of breakfast conversations with each of our staff members. The DPU Breakfasts series provides the opportunity to get an insight into the research work undertaken by our academic staff. 

Engaging with urban obsolescence: the wherefores and whereabouts of a design research agenda

Giorgio Talocci (hosted by Matan Flum)
24 January 2024

Urban value: if it is so important, why can’t we find it?

Colin Marx (hosted by Javier Jileta)
13 December 2023


Revisiting the role of the state in urban development in the Middle East

Dr Azadeh Mashayekhi (hosted by Hanadi Samhan)
9 March 2023

Out of place, out of time: Of displacement, breakdown, and other stories

Dr Giovanna Astolfo (hosted by Laia García Fernández)
24 February 2023

Critical Urban Design: does it still exist? Discussing the politics of lifelines in precarious times

Prof Camillo Boano (hosted by Said Mahathir)
22 November 2022

The Horn of Africa: persistent challenges; distant solutions. The search for strategies to address climate change, drought and conflict

Prof Michael Walls (hosted by Dr Amina-Bahja Ekman)
19 October 2022


Drivers of development in Somaliland and beyond

Dr. Jama Musse Jama and Dr. Amina-Bahja Ekman
24 February 2022

Calibrating risk, performing purpose: gendered encounters of street ethnography

Dr Paroj Banerjee
24 November 2021

What is a good city at night? Re-thinking the role of night-time economies for development

Dr Alessio Kolioulis
3 November 2021

2020-21 (DPU Tea webinar series)

Conflict Politics as Means to Developmentalism

Dr Raktim Ray
11 March 2020

Reinventing the Wheel? Learning from History on Urban Mental Health

Prof. Carolyn Stephens
23 February 2020

From gender planning to gender transformation

Prof. Caroline Moser
10 February 2020


Studying climate change actions: from UNFCCC to China and Foucault

Prof. Le-Yin Zhang
27 February 2020

Engendering urban resilience through a focus on 'the everyday'

Dr Jordana Ramalho
12 February 2020

The City as a Political Construct: Rules, Exceptions and Insurgencies

Jorge Fiori
5 December 2019

Urban mobility and the challenge of achieving sustainable and inclusive accessibility: insights from research in Latin America and Africa

Dr. Daniel Oviedo Hernandez
21 November 2019

Models, Myths, and Mixed Methods: Challenges and Opportunities of using Economic Analysis to Understand Cities in the Global South

Dr. Alexandra Panman
17 October 2019


Sedenterization versus urbanization: A blessing Or a curse for African nomads

Dr. Zeremariam Fre
14 March 2019

Trajectories of urban water poverty in Dar es Salaam

Dr. Pascale Hofmann
28 February 2019

Load shedding and researcher positionality: Doing ethnography in a small African town

Dr. Don Brown
7 February 2019

Learning into a new Moral Economy: Insights from California, Lagos and personal experience

Dr. Naji Makarem
22 November 2018

When crises overwhelm our societies: the case for recovering hope as a social force

Dr. Étienne von Bertrab
18th November 2018

The capability approach to city making: Reflecting on writing ‘Cities for Human Development’

Dr. Alexandre Apsan Frediani
11th October 2018


The Economics Of Urban Land Markets: Implications For Spatial Justice

Dr. Colin Marx
1st February 2018

The Crisis Of Civilisation And The Quest For A New Food Regime

Dr. Robert Biel
30th November 2017

The Personal Is The Political: Thoughts On Conflict And Planning

Prof. Haim Yacobi
12th October 2017


Negotiating Boundaries: Journeys Around Activism And Academia

Dr. Barbara Lipietz
16th March 2016

Multiple Hats: Can You Be A Scholar, Planner, And Citizen At Once?

Dr. Catalina Ortiz
23rd February 2017

Material Politics And Why They Matter In Urban Planning

Dr. Vanesa Castán Broto
19th January 2017

From Refugee Camps To Philosophy'

Dr. Camillo Boano
8th December 2016

'Community And Informality - Tales From The Global North'

Dr. Liza Griffin
20th October 2016

'The Joys And Tribulations Of Being A DPU Director'

Prof. Julio Davila
6th October 2016


Institutional learning on securing domestic workers’ rights: what role can an external project evaluator play?

Julian Walker
25th February 2016

Conducting research ‘in place’: positionality and epistemology research work in India, South Africa and London

Dr. Kamna Patel
11th February 2016

How can research contribute to state-building in post conflict contexts: The case of Somaliland

Dr. Michael Walls
3rd February 2016