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Dominique Jade Chatfield

dominique esd GTA
Dominique Jade Chatfield, BEng Hons (Wrexham), MSc (London)
Graduate Teaching assistant MSc ESD
Raised in Abu Dhabi, Dominique was constantly surrounded by rapid urbanisation which influenced her interest in city development, especially in the context of energy usage. She holds a BEng in Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies, with a dissertation focused on ‘An investigation of fuel poverty within the UK and practical solutions for its abatement whilst reducing carbon emissions’ which led her to study ESD to gain knowledge from the social perspective of sustainability. For ESD her focused dissertation on ‘Sustainable Cities in the Middle East: A case study on Abu Dhabi’ reflects her continued interest of the importance of the roles of housing and cities in climate change mitigation and the policies surrounding them.
Room 302