The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Thinking Cities: Debating Just Development in the Global South

The DPU's podcast series draws on the specific thematic areas as a lens to explore the DPU's central intended aim to promote socially just and sustainable development in the Global South. 

The episodes aim to i) justify and unpack the theme of the episode, ii) two explore the framing of thinking and the key debates within that field and iii) to consider the DPU's past, present and future role in contributing to these debates through research, teaching and capacity building.

episode 6

Episode 6 - Migration & Displacement

Featuring: Prof Camillo Boano and Dr Giovanna Astolfo              
Host: Dr Alessio Koliulis

land markets

Episode 5 - Land markets

Featuring: Dr Colin Marx and Prof Michael Walls              
Host: Dr Lilian Schofield

climate change adaptation

Episode 4 - Climate change adaptation

Featuring: Dr Cassidy Johnson and Dr Emmanuel Osuteye
Host: Nicola Dillon

urban economic development

Episode 3 - Urban economic development               

Featuring: Prof Le-Yin Zhang, Dr Naji Makarem and Dr Alexandra Panman
Host: Dr Alessio Koliulis


Episode 2 - Diversity                                                

Featuring: Dr Kamna Patel and Dr Andrea Rigon                 
Host: Dr Lilian Schofield


Episode 1 - Mobility                                                 

Featuring: Prof Julio Davila and Dr Daniel Oviedo Hernandez
Host: Dr Lilian Schofield