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Caroline Warrington: Study experience in the Major Infrastructure Delivery MBA

Meet Caroline Warrington, MBA candidate and Head of CCS and Testing at HS2, as she shares her study experience in the Major Infrastructure Delivery MBA.

Caroline Warrington
Why did you choose to study the Major Infrastructure Delivery MBA?
I have been wanting to pursue postgraduate-level study for several years, but I never found quite the right programme. The Major Infrastructure Delivery MBA offers an MBA qualification directly linked to my career - an opportunity that was too good to miss.

Describe how you’ve been able to apply the skills and knowledge you’ve learned on the course to your current role?
To date, the MBA has widened my thinking beyond my current role which has helped me to better understand my organisation and the context in which we operate. I believe the MBA will be invaluable in my future career progression.

What aspects of your studies have you enjoyed most, during your time on the MBA?
I really enjoy the combination of academic theory and real-world case studies. This also means the MBA is more directly relatable to my day job. I have loved getting to know my fellow students, the in-person modules with my cohort, and the UCL lecturers are definitely a highlight.

How do you foresee your MBA studies helping you as you move forward in your career?
I believe that the MBA will expand the opportunities available to me to progress into more senior leadership roles within major infrastructure projects.

What was your experience of the teaching and level of support on this course?
The quality of teaching has been exceptional, and the MBA is supported by a cast of high-profile industry experts who provide lectures and act as mentors to the MBA students. The mentoring program is a real bonus for the MBA.

What advice would you give to those thinking about studying the Major Infrastructure Delivery MBA? 
Go for it! If you want to better understand major infrastructure delivery and apply this to your career then this is the course for you.