The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction


Zeynep Kubra ATLI

How Nudge theory affects complex infrastructure leaders value options and use flexibility under uncertainty

School research theme: Management of projects
Research supervisors: Dr Zhen Ye and Dr Ilias Krystallis
Start date: 25 April 2022

Complex infrastructure is conducted in an uncertain environment. Many reasons cause this uncertainty. Complex infrastructure leaders may be affected by available unreliable information in the project’s environment and make their decisions with respect to available unreliable information at the time. This information can be treated as a nudge and the decision maker’s choice would show whether the decision maker gets affected by nudging theory. The problem that this research investigates is how the nudging theory affects decision makers’ ability to use frameworks (ROR, flexibility) for successful complex infrastructure under uncertainty. To examine the proposed problem, the research aims to combine three subjects: Nudging Theory (Choice Architecture), Complex Infrastructure (uncertainty), Real options reasoning (Assistive frameworks). Participants would be executives who make investment decisions for large infrastructure projects. The common characteristic of these participants are they make decisions in an unstructured information environment.