The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction


Qiuhao Xie

Coopetition of international construction joint ventures and its performance outcome

School research theme: Management of projects
Research supervisors: Prof. Grant Mills
Start date: February 2023

Globalization has resulted in the rapid growth of the international construction market. This increasing trend and global infrastructure requirements have attracted many contractors from countries such as Brazil, China, India, and Turkey to enter the international market. According to the Engineering News Record (ENR), the total value of new international contracts signed by the top 250 global contractors in 2021 was US$547.2 billion. International construction contractors are encouraged to choose international construction joint ventures (ICJVs) as a critical market entry mode to develop markets, promote innovation, and share risks, which often exist coopetition within ICJVs. Given the importance of coopetition for organizational survival, existing research has not yet clarified the relationship between coopetition and performance of ICJVs. My Ph.D. research aims to identify coopetition characteristics of ICJVs and explore its impact on performance of ICJVs; clarify the influence mechanism and boundary conditions of the relationship between coopetition and performance of ICJVs; propose the configurations of coopetition to obtain high performance of ICJVs. This study will expand the taxonomy research and broaden the configuration perspective of coopetition theory; provide new theoretical lens for the influence mechanism of coopetition on performance; clarify the paradoxical relationship of coopetition on performance from a contingency perspective, thereby providing guidance for international construction companies to scientifically respond to internal coopetition under international contexts.

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