The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction


Marcos Gonzalez Fuentes

The co-creation of project/service valued outcomes: A client and service (dominant logic) perspective

School Research Theme: Management of project enterprises 
Research supervisors: Prof Hedley Smyth; Prof Andrew Davies
Start date: January 2015

Many projects across a number of industries do not meet mandatory objectives. Others do not offer the expected outcomes to the owner, supplier and other project/user stakeholders. The new perspective to see service/projects with focus on outcomes offers an alternative standpoint point to analyse benefits delivery and effectiveness for the long run: value-in-use and context. Therefore, the theorization of value co-creation from Service-Dominant Logic (SDL) is the departure point as a theoretical lens to examine the management of projects and value realisation to improve project outcomes.

The IT and Construction sector provides the research focus. The analysis of this research comes with the application of SDL but also with a dose of evidence-based challenges to the concept and adequacy SDL. This study establishes the gap between practice and current (SDL) theory which may enable high-quality interactions and service valued outcomes in the management of projects. 

Publications and other work

Professional Experience

Marcos has worked six years in different roles such as Project Officer; Procurement Officer and Project Manager. His professional experience is drawn from Nortel Networks (USA & Mexico); DHL Supply Chain (Mexico); and from IT/Estates Project Management Offices in the HEI Sector (UK)