The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction


Fei Yuan (Sophie)

Understanding Organisational Citizenship Behavior: I- and We-intentions, Identities, and Culture

Supervisors: Dr Niamh Murtagh (Principal) and Dr Natalya Sergeeva (Subsidiary)
Start date: 23 September 2019

My main research interest is to apply social psychological theories and concepts into organisational settings across different cultural contexts. 

My project aims to re-conceptualise and examine one of the most popular and significant concepts – organisational citizenship behaviour (OCB) – in the organisational science field but from the social psychology perspectives. With a growing need to survive in the highly competitive and fast-changing business environments nowadays, employees have become one of the most significant competitive advantages for organisations. Organisations may reach their goals if the management system is functioning well, but organisations would maximise the effectiveness in achieving such goals only if employees have been encouraged to perform extra behaviours. 

The series of studies would first discover the nature of OCB as an individual behavior based on different act agency (i.e. as oneself and as a group member); then studying how different factors and antecedents would influence such behaviours; finally exploring how and why personal (i.e. self-construal) and social identities (i.e. culture identity and organizational identity), and culture play a role in the model. The series of studies would enhance our understanding of the OCB, and provide a useful practical tool for organisations to maximise such beneficial behaviours.