The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction


Oscar Cruz Navarro

The geopolitical and geo-economic challenges facing project management in tackling the impacts of climate change on infrastructure projects

School Research Theme: Project Management 
Supervisory team: Dr Vedran Zerjav and Dr Effie Konstantinou 
Start date: 27/09/2021

Climate change is not a new problem, but its adverse impact is accelerating and becoming more intense at the global scale. The acceleration of climate change consequences is particularly evident in societies and economies with low resilience and high vulnerability, for example in the Global South. Despite a burgeoning volume of research on the science of climate change, including climate change economics, governments around the world are struggling with the implementation of the findings of existing research into their policies. This is particularly the case in the context of infrastructure projects, as a class of policy interventions that improve on the welfare, health, inclusion and equality outcomes for their societies.  

This research focuses on the domain of project management and aims to understand the influence of wider geopolitical and geo-economic developments on the theory on projects and practice of infrastructure delivery. Through an in-depth qualitative enquiry on the organisational-level challenges and opportunities for the infrastructure project delivery profession in the context of climate change, this research aims to develop guidelines that will help governments around the world (especially in the Global South) to develop policies for the delivery of their infrastructure portfolio addressing the Grand Challenge of Climate Change.