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Yuna Lee

Email: yuna.lee@ucl.ac.uk

Thesis title: Evolution of Strategic Foresight and Policy Making: Comparative Evaluation of British and American Strategy for the National Risk and Resilience

Primary supervisor: Professor Mark Tewdwr-Jones
Secondary supervisor: Professor Michael Batty
Tertiary Advisors: Affiliated and external academics

Start date: September 2019
Projected completion date: TBC

Yuna Lee
Research summary

Yuna Lee is an academically trained Foresight Practitioner and a PhD candidate in Strategic Foresight, Innovation and Policy at UCL CASA. Yuna's research focuses on designing an enhanced concept of strategic foresight in policymaking that can achieve the missions in holistic views in a timely manner, particularly for (trans)national emergency issues the UK government faces. A central focus of her research is how to improve the policy decisions and provide the best outcomes for citizens and society under uncertainty, and Yuna is implementing the comparative analysis of strategic foresight in the United States and the United Kingdom. Yuna is also a visiting research fellow at Yale University. 

Yuna’s principal supervisors, Professor Mark Tewdwr-Jones and Professor Michael Batty, are experts who have designed present and future scenarios of all kinds of spaces, including cities and land, with governments, academia, and businesses. They are supporting Yuna in schematising new risk and resilience frameworks of her own design considering complex human-ecological, socio-political and economic systems.

As a Visiting Research Fellow at Yale University in the United States, Yuna is involved in the American and global non-profit foresight communities, developing conceptual and detailed designs for the use of multilateral decision-making and strategic foresight, responding to today’s challenges as well as new threats.

Her wider research interest of Future of Risk and Resilience includes national security, international relations, strategy, game theory, negotiations, foresight-led and science-led innovation as well as the neural mechanisms of human decision-making including organisational behaviour and human cognition.

Research Themes
Futures, Foresights & Forecasting, Strategic Foresight & Intelligence in Policymaking, Public Policy & International Affairs, Environment Security and Climate Change, Cognitive Psychology & Bias Correction, Human–AI interaction, Complexity & Interaction, Scenario Mapping & Design thinking, Agent Based Simulation.

Email: yuna.lee@ucl.ac.uk
Twitter: @gracebellak