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Yuna Lee

Email: yuna.lee@ucl.ac.uk

Thesis title: Design, Innovation and Behavioural Insights for Strategic Foresight and Policymaking

Primary supervisor: Professor Mark Tewdwr-Jones
Secondary supervisor: Professor Michael Batty
Tertiary Advisors: affiliated academic

Start date: September 2019
Projected completion date: TBC

Yuna Lee
Research summary

Yuna Lee is a PhD candidate in Urban Foresight, Innovation and Public Policy at CASA, under the supervision of Professor Mark Tewdwr-Jones and Professor Michael Batty.

Yuna's research focusses on designing enhanced concept of strategic foresight and policy making considering innovations and behavioural insights as part of a holistic response to future challenges and opportunities. A central focus of her research is how to improve the policy decisions and provide the best outcomes for citizens and society under uncertainty, particularly for smart and sustainable cities. Her wider research interest includes strategy, game theory, negotiations, innovation, foresight-driven creativity as well as the neural mechanisms of human decision-making including behavioural economics. 

Research Themes

Public Policy & Governance, Futures & Foresight, Strategy, Creativity, Decision-making, Game Theory, Innovation, Behaviour Change, Data Science, Sustainable Cities


Email: yuna.lee@ucl.ac.uk
Twitter: @gracebellak