The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


Weijue Wang

Provisional title: Citizenship in digitally augmented public spaces: a mixed-methods exploratory multi-sited study in London, UK

Primary supervisor: Professor Mark Tewdwr-Jones

Secondary supervisor: Dr Valerio Signorelli

Start date: September 2022

Projected end date: September 2026

Weijue Wang is a first-year student who undertakes a PhD under the supervision of Professor Mark Tewdwr-Jones and Dr. Valerio Signorelli. Before starting her Ph.D., Weijue worked at the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design and modeled the distribution characteristics, resource allocation, and spatial justice of urban leisure space based on multi-source data. In addition, Weijue was awarded a MA by UCL Bartlett School of Architecture, where she mainly focused on digital design and automated manufacturing of adaptable architecture. She studied Architecture Design for her undergraduate degree at the University of Liverpool.

Research Summary
Weijue Wang's PhD research aims to explore the visibility between visible spatial practices of diverse groups and spatial information (including multi-media content, augmented space, virtual space, non-spatial databases) and explore citizenship in digitally augmented public spaces. Her research will demonstrate that the visible spatial practices and dynamic multimedia information in the augmented space constitute a form of urban semiotics to encourage citizens' exercise of 'spatial rights' and occupy and change public space's borders.