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Part-Time & Modular/Flexible Study

Part-Time and Modular/Flexible Study

Full-time students study for 37.5 hours per week during term time. Typically, lectures and seminars occur on two days per week. Part-time students normally attend half this amount.

Part-time students (aiming to complete the course in two years):

Students on this mode of study should aim to follow the study pattern below: 

Part-time Year One Part-time Year Two
CASA0014 (15 credits)CASA0017 (15 credits)
CASA0015 (15 credits)CASA0018 (15 credits)
CASA0016 (15 credits)CASA0019 (15 credits)
CASA0020 (15 credits)CASA0021 (15 credits)
 CASA0022 Dissertation (60 credits)

Modular/Flexible students

  • These students can take up to five years to gain 180 credits to complete the programme
  • The student registers at the start of every academic year, and chooses (via Portico) which modules to study in that academic year. The action of making a module choice generates an invoice from the Fees Office.
  • It is possible for a modular/flexible student to enrol onto the programme at the start of the academic year but decide not to take any modules in that year and defer study to another year. They will pay no fees for that year, but will remain an enrolled registered student of UCL.
  • All taught modules must be completed before completing the Dissertation.

    NB: All Modular/Flexible students MUST re-enrol every autumn until they complete their studies, regardless of whether they intend to actively study that year or not. Student registration must remain current, otherwise it will be assumed the student has left the programme.

It is recommended that students enrol on each module in the numerical sequence given e.g. CASA0014, CASA0015, CASA0016, CASA0017, CASA0018, CASA0019, CASA0020 and CASA0021.
CASA0014 is the required first module, taken before any other (to be completed in Year 1).
CASA0015 AND CASA0018 both require prior programming experience before being studied and CASA0017 and CASA0019 will give students the skills.
CASA0021 is intended to be a final activity of the programme and should be left to the final year.