The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


Course content

Learning through doing

The first six months of the course are designed to cover all aspects of developing and deploying an internet of things system. Topics range from the sensing and communication technologies, to mobile apps and web backends through to stakeholder engagement and data visualisation. This content will be delivered through a series of hands on workshops, group challenges and project work.

In the second part of the course you will complete an individual practical project. This is your opportunity to develop your research and prototyping skills applied to the living lab environment at UCL East or through engaging with an industry partner.


The course is split into 8 key modules:

Connected Environments
Introduction to the “learn, build, critique” approach to be used throughout the course and the building blocks of creating a connected environment. At the end of this module we will have built our first shared ‘connected environment’ that you will curate throughout the programme.

Mobile Systems & Interactions
Gain exposure and understanding of what makes a good mobile application, and develop the skill set to design and build a mobile interfaces and applications.

Making, Designing & Building Connected Sensor Systems
Investigate what makes a good connected device, and develop the skill set to design and build an object that can be used to sense or actuate in the built or natural environment.

CASA Connected Environments 2Making, prototyping, hacking

Web Architecture
Explore what makes a good web application, and develop a skill set to design and build web interfaces and applications that interact with the physical as well as the digital interfaces.

Deep Learning for Sensor Networks
An in-depth look at applying deep learning to sensor data (video, timeseries), and develop the skill set to design and implement deep learning systems for IoT devices.

Sensor Data Visualisation
You will learn core background concepts, leading to an understanding of data visualisation methods and leading to a practical build in Augmented / Virtual and /or Mixed Reality with real-time data.

Ethics, Sustainability and Business of the Internet of Things
Exploring the commercial landscape for deploying connected devices and to develop an understanding of the strategies required to successfully deliver connected environment services.

CE Group Prototype and Pitch
Working in a team to create a minimal viable prototype for a connected environment product or service in a short space of time. The goal is to develop the skills and strategic approaches to pitch an idea to an expert panel to get support for further investment.

Final Project/Dissertation
Define a problem and pursue your own research to solve it. This is an opportunity to put into practice the skills learned or refined through work on the taught course elements of the Master’s degree. You will identify a problem, prototype solutions, and share insights based on your research.