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Incubators of Public Spaces

Incubators is a project which aims to help people share their experiences and shape their urban environment in a new way.

The project harnesses new technological possibilities in order to change the way we do co-creative urban planning and governance. Incubators is an online platform for running physical and virtual design workshops. People who visit the Incubator platform online, will find a clear and simple 3D model of an urban space with which they are familiar. In this space they can move in a way in which they never could in real life, flying around the neighbourhood. They can join in a meeting or they could suggest changes to reshape the environment, changes which others can see. These virtual changes could then be realised into physical reality by crowdfunding through the platform. Incubators is an exciting marriage of the virtual and the real, where your vision online can be actualised into reality. Reshaping your city can become as easy as buying a book.


Andrew Hudson-Smith
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