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Knowledge Power: Interdisciplinary education for a complex world

Knowledge Power by Alan Wilson

4 October 2011

Success in the twenty-first century demands knowledge power - for individuals, organizations, cities, regions and countries. This book offers a map showing the structure of the knowledge space in a contemporary context. The routes beyond traditional disciplines are charted, in part based on the notions of superconcepts and superproblems. There are major implications for the development of educations systems, particularly for universities but also for all employers as they seek to ensure that their organizations have the requisite knowledge to meet future challenges. In many instances, radical change is called for.

Authors: Alan Wilson

Publication Date:  2010


ISBN: 978-0-415-55311-7

The traditional disciplines and their future development are reviewed and systems concepts are introduced to develop an interdisciplinary framework for the future. The nature of the knowledge core for different kinds of organization is outlined in the context of development strategies and management capabilities.

Superconcepts are introduced throughout and through these the reader is presented with a range of authors who, it is argued, provide the signposts for the way ahead.