The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis



This project is a part of the European Union's Fifth Framework Programme (FP5).

The objective is to research "The City of Tomorrow", using seven European cities.

The aim is to define sustainable long term urban strategies. These strategies will be designed to improve urban sustainability in general and reduce urban pollution and congestion.

This will be achieved by using urban land use and transport models, sustainability indicators, GIS and Internet based modules, and decision support tools. This is a state of the art project on planning support systems (PSS). 

CASA and the Bartlett School of Architecture, Building, Environmental Design and Planning are collaborating in PROPOLIS with the Highland Council, to study Inverness and the Highlands region.

Once the sustainability indicators have been calculated and evaluated the results will be integrated with those of the other six European cities. From here it will be possible to systematically analyse policy options in all seven European cities and to reach general recommendations for optimum combinations of different policy types.

The strategies will improve urban sustainability in general and radically reduce urban pollution and congestion.


  • Steve Evans
  • Philip Steadman
sustainability air pollution