The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis

Dr Fulvio Lopane

Dr Fulvio Lopane

Research Fellow

Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis

Faculty of the Built Environment

Joined UCL
13th Jan 2020

Research summary

My research draws on optimisation theories and digital tools advancements to address contemporary challenges in urban and infrastructure management and development. My background in engineering, geographic information systems and data programming enables me work on both sides of abstraction (urban and infrastructure modelling) and application (development of tools/frameworks to solve real-life problems).

I am particularly interested in the challenges that involve the modelling of complex systems like modern cities and their interconnected and interdependent infrastructure networks. In my research, I focus on strategic infrastructure systems like transportation, energy, healthcare and emergency management, with the aim of maximising efficiency, accessibility and sustainability.

The science of cities is, by nature, multidisciplinary; therefore, I collaborate with experts in mathematics, economics, architecture, urban planning, engineering, computer science and geography who allow me to cross disciplinary boundaries and broaden the horizons of my research.