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CASA Arup City Modelling Lab

CASA Arup City Modelling Lab - Research themes

What are the priority research areas / themes?

  1. Decarbonization
  2. Inequalities in income, housing, transport, built environment, health and wellbeing
  3. Electrification of vehicles (e.g., integration of ABMs with bottom-up energy models)
  4. Micromobility (e.g. electrification, the last-mile, equity and health)

Additional discussions to support the above themes

  1. Road pricing (incl. links to vehicle emissions, fairness and equity, high subsidies for drivers).
  2. Disincentives for driving and improving public transport - how to do it fairly and equitably
  3. Affordable housing and gentrification
  4. (Healthy) high streets (e.g., charges for cars in city centre & its effects physical/online shops)
  5. Future of flexible working and its effects on transport and housing
  6. Data gaps to conduct research in areas of housing, retail, individual mobilities
inequality carbon electrical mobility affordable housing gentrification flexible working