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Nicolas Palominos


My primary research interests lie at the intersection of city design, urban analytics and citizen participation. Currently I am studying ways to interrogate the space of the street with computational methods and web-interactive visualisations to enhance the understanding of the city and connect with wider audiences.


I was trained as an architect in Chile. In my early career, I addressed this interest from a design perspective, developing urban regeneration plans for deprived neighborhoods. Later, I studied the Cities Program at London School of Economics, aiming to complement the understanding of cities with a social science angle. My MSc thesis reflected on urban governance for metropolitan areas, looking at the case studies of Santiago de Chile, London and Bogota. For the master's' studio work, we re-imagined the City of London public realm in the light of the financial crisis and the occupy movement (article published by City Journal). While in LSE, I participated in the Ordinary Streets research that looked at the spaces, economies and cultures of the street. I led on the graphic design of this project that mixed GIS tools with field research methods. Back in Chile, I had the opportunity to innovate in the public sector through the implementation of a georeferenced information web platform to monitor resources invested in public works. With this experience, I was able to explore the political opportunities and limitations of information transparency and civic engagement, as well as the communicative power of interactive maps. In 2013, I co-founded 'Caminable', a design consultancy that applies innovative methods to foster city vitality.



Trangoš, G., Adleson, I., Palominos, N., Valdez Young, A., & Alshalfan, S. (2014). Reordered publics: Re-imagining the City of London. City, 18(2), 191-213.

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Metropolitan Government Grant (2006). Thesis of metropolitan interest (Undergraduate). ‘Urban operations in the periphery. Educational facilities and its capacity for urban configuration’.