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NEXSUS was a series of six research projects across five universities funded by the ESRC to develop an understanding and application of complexity theory in the social sciences. 

At UCL, CASA is one of the partners (UCL urban) and we are developing ideas from complex systems based in agent-based models, fractals, CA, and self-organised criticality to urban systems. We have conducted a wide ranging review and are currently designing the Complexity and Cities web site.

We plan to develop various models of inner London at a micro scale in the remaining stages of the project. At UCL, Jamie McGlade in the Institute of Archaeology is another partner who is working on the evolution of settlement patterns in South East Spain.

The NEXSUS project is our link with the development of complexity theory world-wide and is central to the Complexity Society and related networks.


Nancy Chin

Steve Evans

Andrew Hudson-Smith
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Sinesio Alves Junior


Mark Birkin, Nick Malleson, Andy Hudson-Smith, Steven Gray, Richard Milton (2011) Calibration of a Spatial Simulation Model with Volunteered Geographical Information, International Journal of Geographical Information Science. (forthcoming: Special issue on data-intensive geospatial computing)

SurveyMapper website: http://www.surveymapper.com/


CASA has contributed the following to the NeISS project:

  • To create a real-time, polling tool that the public can use and feed data back into mathematical models to improve outputs.
  • To crowd-source data and build a public community around survey creation and answering.
  • To create a real-time tool to harvest data from social media networks which can be geospatially analysed.
  • The SurveyMapper and Tweet-o-Meter websites
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