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Computing Britain with Dr Hannah Fry

28 September 2015

Computing Britain

In a recent documentary series for BBC Radio 4, Dr Hannah Fry looks back over 75 years of computing history in Britain.

Starting with the creation of computer memory in the 1940s, Hannah explores how computers have evolved and how they impact our daily lives.

Follow the episode links below to download or listen now:

Ep. 1 - Electronic Brains

Ep. 2 - LEO the Electronic Office

Ep. 3 - ERNIE Picks Prizes

Ep. 4 - Connected Thinking

Ep. 5 - The Job Killer

Ep. 6 - Computers in Class

Ep. 7 - Computers at Home

Ep. 8 - UK Gaming

Ep. 9 - Dotcom Bubble

Ep. 10 - Mobile Revolution