The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


Congratulations to our 11/12 MRes Graduates

2 September 2013

CASA 11/12 MRes Graduates

We had a fantastic day on Friday celebrating with our first ever cohort from our MRes in Advanced Spatial Analysis & Visualisation course at their graduation ceremony.

Pictured above (from left to right) are Professor Sir Alan Wilson. Flora Roumpani, Dr Andrew Hudson-Smith, Alistair Leak and Ian Morton.

Six students completed the course in 11/12 and all achieved distinctions.  Their thesis titles were:

  • Towards Procedural Modelling: Representing classical urban theories using 3D modelling - Flora Roumpani
  • Wealth and Deprivation: Developing a Consistent Indicator of Deprivation Across the United Kingdom - Alistair Leak
  • A Visual and Mathematical Comparison of European Metro Systems - Ian Morton
  • Longitudinal Modelling of Personal Transport Mode from Smartphone-Derived Continous sensing Data - Jack Harrison
  • Mapping the 2011 London Riots: A Heirarchical Linear Model of the Socio-spatial Structure of Riot Localities - Robin Edwards
  • The Cosm Centre Data Set: Data Integration of a Sensor Commons - Martin Dittus