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CASA Start Up in Wall Street International

9 October 2015

USEUM exhibition

The CASA incubated - USEUM - has been featured in the Wall Street International in response to its current exhibition at Le Dame Art Gallery, London. 

The company was founded by CASA's Foteini Valeonti, a PhD candidate, as part of her research into crowd scouring and augmented reality. Crowdsourcing refers to the process during which a task is outsourced to the crowd, whilst augmented reality is the technology that superimposes computer-generated imagery on a user’s view of the real world, so that it appears to the user that virtual and real objects co-exist in space. Despite the wealth of literature and practice around both of these phenomena, there are only a limited number of research projects involving both of them. USEUM is one of these projects, utilising crowdsourcing and augmented reality in an attempt to make art more accessible, not only on the digital domain, but also in the physical space by taking advantage of mobile augmented reality. USEUM as a platform (http://useum.org) is defined as The World's Museum of Art, featuring thousands of artworks by hundreds of artists from worldwide.

Foteini joined CASA in 2011 is primarily supervised by CASA's Professor Andrew Hudson-Smith. She is currently working on her thesis: USEUM: Making Art more Accessible with Crowdsourcing and Augmented Reality

Read the full Wall Street International article here: http://wsimag.com/art/17681-useum-exhibition