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Top 10 Twitter Languages in London

29 October 2012

Top 10 Twitter Languages in London

Since the Metro featured the Top 10 Twitter Languages in London last week, press coverage of the map produced by James Cheshire and Ed Manley has steadily increased.  Some of the recent articles are listed below. For the latest news featuring CASA's work, you can track our Scoop-It page.

Mail Online

Twitter map of London shows the linguistic diversity of a truly international city
- 92.5 per cent of tweets sent in English, but other major languages include Spanish, French, Turkish and Arabic

The Guardian

Top 10 Twitter languages in London visualised

The Telegraph

Twitter map of London shows 66 languages

- Academics have used Twitter to create a map showing London's linguistic diversity.


Language map shows international nature of London’s population

- Data experts have used Twitter to map out the diverse range of languages spoken by people in London.

Sky News

Twitter Map Shows London's Top 10 Languages

- A map using information from London's twitter community shows the true diversity of the UK's capital city.