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Planning Theorists Converge on Vienna to Tell Their Stories

21 May 2014


CASA's Professor Mike Batty is currently attending a meeting at the Technical University in Vienna on 'The Evolution of Planning Thought'. The project is led Dr. Beatrix Haselsberger, the purpose of which is to gather together highly respected intellectuals who have worked on planning thought over the last 40+ years, in order to impart their collective wisdom to the younger generation. Contributors are intellectual leaders in the field of planning whose thoughts are keenly sought out by audiences internationally.

The experience will lead to a book, 'The Evolution of Planning Thought' in which the essays and biographical experiences of the contributors will be recounted for all to see. It aims to unpack how planners developed theories and conceptual tools, how these conceptual tools shaped the development of practice, how planners organised themselves increasingly at an international and global scale, and the conceptual, institutional and practical gap that remains to be filled.

For more information about the project visit http://info.tuwien.ac.at/planning-thought/index.php/home.html

Image - Left to right, and up and down: Andreas Faludi (Delft), Mike Batty (UCL), Judy Innes (UCal Berkeley), Gerhard Schimak (TU Vienna), Cliff Hague (Heriott Watt), Trixi Haselsberger (Editor and Organiser TU Vienna), Patsy Healey (Newcastle), Rachelle Alterman (Technion), Charlie Hoch (U Illinois at Chicago), Klaus Kunzmann (Dortmund), John Friedmann (UBC), Laura Saija (Editor U Catania), John Forester (Cornell), Peter Marcuse (Columbia), Barrie Needham (Redbud Nijmegen), Louis Albrecht’s (Leuven) [Peter Hall (UCL), and Luigi Mazza (Politecnico di Milano) were unable to be present].