The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


New Research Grants in CASA

7 August 2012


Three new research grants have recently been awarded to CASA, bringing our total research portfolio to £7m and creating new jobs in the centre.  

CeLSIUS has moved to UCL

Over £1.5M of ESRC funding for the Centre for Longitudinal Study (LS) Information and User Support (CeLSIUS) service has been awarded to a consortium involving Epidemiology and Public Health, CASA, Information Studies in UCL. The project will begin in August 2012 and last until 2017. Directed by Dr Nicola Shelton, the main team will be based in the Health and Social Surveys Research Group in Epidemiology and Public Health. Mike Batty and Adam Dennett from CASA are involved in this new ERSC grant which is to manage and extend the LS data set. The team will provide high quality user support to academic and non-academic users of the ONS Longitudinal Study (LS) for England & Wales (a 1% sample of Census data linked over time) .

For more information please visit the Celsius website and the CASA research page.

New MRC-funded health centre

Alan Wilson is a Co-Investigator on the new MRC-funded centre which was announced at the end of July. This is the Centre for Health Service and Academic Partnership in Translational and e-Health Research (CHAPTER). CHAPTER's vision is to bring together the clinical service, informatics and educational strengths of our university partners (UCL, LSHTM, QMUL), the NHS organizations in UCLP (serving 5m population) and HPA to drive the next generation of population wide translational research. CASA will play a significant role in developing the informatics platform and in data integration and especially in relation to visualisation and dashboard development 

For more information please visit the UCL news page.

A new EU project on Urban Mobility: EUNOIA

CASA has a new EU (FP7: Future and Emerging Technologies) project called EUNOIA which is about Evolutive User-centric Networks fOr Intraurban Accessibility. Mike Batty is the PI and two RAs will be appointed for 24 months. The project will run from October 1st 2012 and is worth 268K Euros. It is part of a consortium led by Maxi San Miguel of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Physics and Complex Systems, University of the Balearic Islands, and involving five other groups including our erstwhile collaborators Marc Barthelemy (Institute of Theoretical Physics, Paris) and Kat Axhausen (Transport, KTH Zurich).