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PEAK Urban Launches New MOOC 'Shaping Urban Futures'

16 September 2022

PEAK Urban is an interdisciplinary inquiry into city futures that utilises the sciences of prediction and projection. CASA's Dr Neave O'Clery, Associate Professor in Applied Urban Science, is a key partner

Shaping Urban Futures

PEAK Urban has launched a new Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) 'Shaping Urban Futures' on the Coursera platform, available from September 2022.

Shaping Urban Futures (SUF) will enable learners to imagine how they can make a difference to the future cities that will shape tomorrow’s planet.

The course addresses the most pressing challenges faced by humanity in the 21st century: the significant move towards urbanisation, especially within the global South. 

SUF draws upon five years of research in collaboration with five global institutions: The African Centre for Cities, Universidad EAFIT, Indian Institute for Human Settlements, University of Oxford and Peking University. 

Relevant for not only urban scholars and academics, but across government, corporate, social and non-profit sectors; the course draws on new urban sciences combined with insights from social sciences and humanities to intervene in shaping the urban future.

SUF draws on rich research experiences of over 100 researchers working on urban questions in more than eight cities in five countries from across the world.

This self-paced online course is designed to help learners to:

  • Recognise the new urban sciences that are driving our understanding of urbanisation across the world
  • Examine carefully how we should understand new methods to trace, examine and explore processes of emergence in the city
  • Visualise how technological change is adopted, adapted and deployed differently in variable city contexts
  • Share urban experiences and contribute to the coproduction of knowledge to enrich and strengthen knowledge exchange in cities

Learn more about Shaping Urban Future on Coursera

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