The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


3D London and 3D Dublin in Virtual Field Trips

8 March 2021


Two academic researchers and practitioners in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and creative technology disciplines Oliver Dawkins from CASA and Gareth W. Young from Trinity College Dublin presented a workshop where they shared their knowledge of teaching and learning through VR (Virtual Reality) using free 3D model of London and 3D model of Dublin provided by AccuCities.

School field trips always offered more than the facts learned during the trip. They offered socializing and opportunities to explore the environment in a different way. Especially during the global pandemic and its associated lockdown, both public and private learning institutions are investing more and more time and effort in online education. But how to make field trips virtual and do more than curated streetview?

Immersive Learning Research Network workshop

The recent virtual field trip expanded on methods developed for a prior workshop for the Immersive Learning Research Network (ILRN). The iLRN workshop had been developed as part of research supported by Maynooth University and their Investigators’ Award Program for the Building City Dashboards Project and by the Trinity College Dublin with their V-SENSE Project.

The workshop is suitable for anyone who has the enthusiasm in employing consumer technologies to capture the “ground truth” of geographical location to use appropriate software to generate 3D models that can be assembled to create immersive virtual environments (IVEs). This workshop is also targeted to educators and researchers who are interested in using open-source and free to use software to create unique IVEs that can be shared as virtual learning environments (VLEs) in social VR.

To read more, download some free 3D city models for your projects, and discover Twitter reaction to the virtual field trips, visit accucities blog here.