The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


Grant successes for CASA

27 January 2021


CASA researchers have been successful with two grants to start 2021. Congratulations to the teams involved with both.

'A Tale of Two Cities: Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 and Pandemic Containment Policies on Health and Health Equity in London and Toronto’

This award is part of a successful application to the 2021 University College London–University of Toronto Call for Collaborative Projects: Responding to COVID-19. Paul Mullins, a Doctoral Researcher from CASA, was approached to collaborate on this project based on a combination of his PhD research, work with the Institute of Health & Equity (IHE) at UCL, and recent consultancy work supporting NHS and Public Health teams in Hackney.  As a collaborator on the Project, Paul will be part of a three-person multidisciplinary UCL team led by Dr Nigel Field and with Dr Danielle Solomon from the Institute for Global Health (UCL). The project aims to explore how pandemic health disparities can be measured and redressed at a city level. In particular, the team will compare COVID-related data sets, policies, and governance models in London and Toronto. Using these two cities as case studies, the team will begin to develop a comparative framework for assessing COVID impacts and responses in large cities. 

Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with XYZ Reality

A proposal led by Professor Duncan Wilson and the Connected Environments team to offer expertise, alongside The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management, to XYZ Reality in developing an in-house Construction Intelligence Team for the company, to drive forward AR adoption in the built environment, using HoloSite as a demonstrator of benefits. XYZ Reality's ultimate vision is for builders to build from holograms and to eliminate 2D drawings from construction, reducing waste and improving productivity. The aim of the grant will be to embed knowledge via a highly skilled Associate to enable sector leadership and future innovation.