The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


CASA Doctoral Summer School for Advanced Spatial Modelling

12 June 2019

A skills workshop and hackathon

CASA Doctoral Summer School

This summer, CASA will be welcoming doctoral students to its Summer School for Advanced Spatial Modelling. Participants will take part in workshops and a hackathon designed to introduce key quantitative and spatial modelling methods and apply these methods in the context of the National Industrial Strategy’s Grand Challenges: AI and data, ageing society, clean growth, and future of mobility.

Tutorials will be delivered by experts in spatial modelling including Dr Elsa Arcaute (CASA, UCL), Dr Robin Lovelace (ITS, University of Leeds), Dr Neave O’Clery (Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford), and Dr David Murrell (Division of Biosciences, UCL) and will be focused on introducing computational methods with time set aside for participants to apply and extend these methods in a supportive learning environment.

Collaboration is an important aspect of the summer school and the PhD organisers, Bonnie Buyuklieva, Matt Ng, and Obi Sargoni, are looking forward to welcoming students from a range of quantitative disciplines. This will be a great opportunity to find connections between different areas of research and hopefully form new collaborations!

The summer school takes place in London from the 21st to 23rd of August. The deadline for applications is the 19th of July. Visit the website for more information and to apply!