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CASA to participate at Spatial Data Science Conference 2019

17 July 2019

CASA will be participating in the Spatial Data Science Conference 2019 (#SDSC19), the first event to bring together Data Scientists and Developers who specialize in working with spatial data.

SDSC 2019

Founded in 2017, the conference brings together organizations who are pushing the boundaries of spatial data modelling - ranging from large enterprise, to cities and government, as well as thought leaders from academic institutions.

#SDSC19 - Details

When: October 16th, 2019

Where: Columbia University’s Alfred Lerner Hall in New York City.

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The field of Spatial Data Science is growing exponentially, across multiple industries. Academic programs are springing up globally, with some of the world’s leading institutions now offering spatial-focused degrees for undergrads and graduates, and opening research labs to discover the data science methodologies that will change the way humanity thinks about location.

Companies across the private sector, and not just Fortune 500s armed with huge budgets, but companies of all sizes, are investing in data science.

And the public sector, long a driver of innovation in the field of geospatial, continues to drive change. Every day, experts working in public health, urban planning, transit, and more are leveraging spatial data science to make life better, safer, healthier, and easier for people around the globe.

Building The Space for Collaboration and Innovation

First held at CARTO’s Brooklyn office in 2017, the Spatial Data Science Conference was created with the goal of building a unique space where leaders and experts from the public and private sectors and academia can come together, share their work, and build the relationships that will drive spatial innovation. The Spatial Data Science Conference 2019, in its 3rd year and presented with founding partner The Center for Spatial Data Science at The University of Chicago, will bring together more of the spatial community than ever.

What to Expect

SDSC 2019 will feature keynotes, technical workshops, and panels with topics spanning industries and fields. The organisers hope that these talks will inspire deeper discussion of the utility of spatial data science and uncover unforeseen applications for attendees to take home with them.

Past speakers include representatives from companies like Uber, Enigma, WeWork, and more. The conference has also featured experts in the field from MIT, Princeton, UChicago, Liverpool and other top academic institutions. For a taste of what to expect, check out last year’s opening keynote from Enigma co-founder Marc Da Costa: https://youtu.be/4v99oeEew6M

You can also watch all of last year’s talks at the YouTube channel.

In addition to scheduled talks, the conference will host opportunities for networking, including a happy hour, as well as resources for posting open geospatial jobs and meeting up and coming talent from across the community.