The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


CASA at Tate Modern 8-9 February

24 January 2019

Living with the Internet of Things


Tate and CASA have joined forces to create a public event as part of the PETRAS EPSRC project at Tate Exchange at Tate Modern between 12pm and 6pm on Friday 8th February and Saturday 9th February.

Join the PETRAS team on site to explore how the Internet of Things is changing our lives now, and how it may influence our futures – at home, at work and in our environment.

We are all now living with the Internet of Things: this means that any objects and things (like watches, sensors, TVs – anything really!) can be interconnected via the internet, making them readable, recognizable, locatable, addressable and controllable by computers. This programme offers everyone the opportunity to begin to experience and understand how the IoT is transforming everyday life, but also to see where it may disrupt and cause us to ask questions about our privacy, how we share our data, and where it goes.

Take a stroll through Hampstead Heath, reproduced in the gallery by Leah Lovett, Professor Andy Hudson-Smith, and Martin de Jode from CASA, UCL. This demonstration reproduces two recent projects Tales of the Park and The Listening Wood. This demonstration lets us interact with the Gnomes from the park and the trees from the heath using chatbot technology to uncover the history, geography and fragments of poetry.
We welcome everyone to this event and look forward to seeing you there. Tate Exchange is  located on Level 5 of the Blavatnik Building at Tate Modern.

For more information on the programme, including a number of talks by the PETRAS team, and the content curated by the Tate Collection Care Research and Tate Digital Learning, please visit the Tate’s website here.