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Congratulations to Dr Panos Mavros

13 September 2018

Another successful PhD from CASA

Dr Panos Mavros

Congratulations to Panos Mavros who has successfully defended his thesis - The role of emotions in pedestrian mobility: mobile methods for the measurement of the psychological experience of pedestrians. Panos joined CASA from the University of Edinburgh to specialise in the perception and experience of urban spaces, focusing on spatial cognition research, and the use of psychophysiological methods, such as mobile EEG, to measure feelings of anxiety or comfort, as way to understand the interaction between people and the environment. First supervised by Professor Andrew Hudson-Smith and second by Dr Martin Zaltz-Austwick and then Dr Ed Manley when Martin left to travel the world, Panos's work has been pioneering the field of neuroscience and urban behaviour.

His defence was chaired by Professor Ruth Conroy, who specialises in Building Usability and Visualisation at Northumbria University and Dr Sean Hanna who is a Reader in Space and Adaptive Architecture at The Bartlett School of Architecture Faculty of the Built Environment here at UCL. Panos currently works at the Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) of the Singapore-ETH Centre, where he is the Project Coordinator of the project Cognition, Perception and Behaviour in Urban Environments - carrying on his now post doctoral research.

Well done Panos....