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Alumni Spotlight: Katerina Skroumpelou

11 May 2018

Katerina Skroumpelou studied with us on our MRes Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation programme in 2013-2014

Katerina S

Of her time at CASA, Katerina writes:

'Before joining CASA I had studied Architectural Engineering. I was never into architecture as it was, and I was trying to find a way to combine my spatial knowledge with the latest technology - and code. This is how I found out about the MRes Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation at CASA. My studies would begin in September and I visited CASA in March of that same year, six months prior to joining. From the moment I stepped into that office at 90 Tottenham Court Road I realised that it was a place where I could finally realise my dreams. My first impression of CASA left a mark on me because I entered a world where I could finally see exciting technology combined with spatial information and knowledge, with the purpose of science and fun. After I joined, I saw that this beehive of scientists, researchers, students and people were also a great family I would fit into, eventually. During my year at CASA, apart from the knowledge and experience I received, I also built strong friendships that still hold, and I will carry them along in my life.

At CASA I learned how to put my critical thinking into practice. I was taught how to effectively represent data on maps, and I learned how to create meaningful visuals. The course and the people around me inpired me to experiments with subjects well beyond my comfort zone. One of the most unique things about CASA, in my opinion, was that the students shared a common space with senior researchers and PhDs. That way, we could discuss our ideas and our projects casually with experienced people in the field. The whole enviroment promoted collaboration and the free exchange of thoughts.

In this context, I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with a PhD student, Panos Mavros on EEG based research and spatial perception of visually impaired people. This made me realise how many applications my spatial studies could be put to, and redefined the limits of my thinking.

After leaving CASA, and having worked with web mapping during some projects, I started working at the National Centre for Scientific Research "Demokritos" in Athens, Greece, where I focused on creating web applications with maps and spatial data visualization. I found my inclination there, and I have been working with web maps whenever I get the chance. I am currently working at Upstream in Greece as a Front End Software Engineer. In my free time, I develop projects with web maps and I speak to international web conferences about them (eg. AngularConnect, International JavaScript Conference, WeAreDevelopers, and more). I always refer to CASA, since this was my starting point on this journey, and taught me that nothing is impossible when you want to achieve your dream.'

You can find Katerina on Twitter and GitHub.

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