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Professor Michael Batty delivers keynote lectures in China and Australia

10 July 2017

Professor Michael Batty is lecturing on smart cities and the science of cities at universities in China and Australia this summer

Michael Batty in China, June 2017

Professor Michael Batty presented a keynote lecture on smart cities and big data at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics on 29 June followed by a series of lectures on urban models between 30 June and 1 July. On 3 July he visited Tongji University to talk about city design and city science.

On his first trip to Brisbane, Australia in 35 years, he is visiting the University of Queensland to work with Professor Yan Liu on her Discover project funded by the Australian Research Council which is concerned with cellular automata modelling of development processes in Brisbane and Ningbo, PRC. He will present a paper on Big Data at the University of New South Wales on 10 July and then journey to Adelaide to present the keynote lecture ‘The Age of Smart Cities’ at CUPUM 2017 on 12 July after which he will return to Brisbane to give another keynote lecture - this time on the subject of Urban Science - at the Association of Australian Geographers Annual Meeting on Smart Cities and Geospatial Analysis on 14 July.

Michael Batty: Lectures in China