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Maurice Glucksman

Maurice has worked with Simulation modelling extensively for several decades an entrepreneur, business advisor and investor.  Prior to joining the PhD programme at CASA, he founded  The Localisation Modeling Group (TLMG) in March 2020 at the outbreak of the pandemic. TLMG worked as a volunteer network of Scientists and Businesspeople with the goal of coaching young people to use dynamic epidemiological models to assess the risk of Covid 19 outbreaks in their local areas. TLMG has since shifted to developing similar tools for policymakers working to reduce post pandemic mental health risk, and is a partner in the EU funded Horizon 2020 Cure4Aqua  programme aiming to improve the resilience of EU aquaculture under environmental, biological, and socio-economic stress, by improving aquatic animal health and welfare and supporting the environmentally friendly, inclusive, safe, and healthy production of seafood.   Maurice is an active investor and  held various professional roles in Consulting and Finance including: Associate Partner at McKinsey & Co, Director of Vanguard Strategy a brand strategy consultancy, Director of Research at Strenuus Capital and Hamilton Ventures where he was an FCA registered investment analyst and advisor.   He was also a Naval Architect designing and building wind assist technology for commercial ships with Wind Ship Company.  He recently completed an MSc in Geographic Data Science at Birkbeck, University of London and holds SM degrees in Ocean Systems Management and Naval Architecture from MIT and a BS Naval Architecture from U of Michigan.

Research Summary
Developing practical tools for public health policy using Hybrid simulation and Machine Learning.  Focus now is on Psychological Depression which is being impacted severely by escalating Long Covid symptoms.  Depression is contagious and episodic and varies significantly depending on local environment conditions, demographics, social contacts with other depressed people.  Working with Geospatial Agent Based Epidemiological Models to represent this complexity and translate impacts into Economic impact as a means for prioritising and targeting interventions to locations or groups who are most vulnerable or at highest risk.

Selected Publications

  • Various Case Studies on Implications of Localised Covid 19 models in Medium and Articles written for TLMG, 2020,2021
  • The McKinsey Quarterly
    • The end of Voodoo Brand Management, 1998
    • Managing Metamorphosis, 1998
    • The Talent Growth Dynamic, 2000
    • The War for Technical Talent, 2000
  • The Dynamics of Managing a life Insurance Company, System Dynamics Review, 1985
  • Market Analysis and Forecasting as a Strategic Business Tool, 1989