The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


Geodemographics for Resassurance Policing

The National Reassurance Policing Programme approached CASA concerning the geodemographic analytical profiling of three ward areas that were participating in the NRPP national trial.

The geodemographic analyses focuses upon the two pre-defined dimensions:

  • Fear of crime
  • Social Capital and community engagement

The Mosaic UK neighbourhood classification was used to extrapolate responses from the year 2000 British Crime Survey (BCS) to the unit postcode level of geography in the pilot study wards. This methodology enabled the analysis of propensities of crime levels, crime mix, attitudes towards the police, fear of crime and indicators of community cohesion, at the local scale by neighbourhood type.

Furthermore, local recorded crime statistics, surveys and a variety of other data sources were assimilated into the neighbourhood profiling.

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  • David Ashby
  • Richard Webber