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CASA Seminar Series: Ramya Ragupathy, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap

08 December 2021, 5:00 pm–6:00 pm

CASA Seminars

Ramya Ragupathy (HOTOSM), Introduction to Spatial Data Outputs Platform - OpenStreetMap Galaxy. This event has been arranged by CASA the Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis

This event is free.

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 Ramya Ragupathy, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap image

About the talk

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team(HOTOSM) this year launched a new data output platform codenamed OpenStreetMap(OSM) Galaxy to optimise and improve availability and accessibility of OSM Data outputs for different user groups within the ecosystem. Through this platform, we strive to provide all the OSM data needs under one umbrella and ensure OSM data is available, accessible and ready to use for all kinds of users. We are trying to solve the high dependency on different data sources and uncontrolled platforms while focusing on fast queries and process optimisation by accessing data from a HOTOSM administered and controlled environment.

About the Speaker

Ramya Ragupathy

at Humanitarian OpenStreetMap

About the speaker

Ramya Ragupathy is the backend developer of almost all of HOT’s crucial software tools developed in-house. She contributes to all daily technical operations. Ramya has been supporting OpenStreetMap since 2015, takes part in building a data for good community and likes fun maps, taking GPS traces, and photographic records of her travels.



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