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EUNOIA is a research project funded under the European Union's Seventh Framework  ICT Programme. The goal of EUNOIA is to take advantage of the opportunities brought by smart city technologies and the most recent advances in complex systems science to develop new urban models and ICT tools empowering city governments and their citizens to design better mobility policies.

Case studies will focus on London, Barcelona and Zurich, using and enhancing the MATSim agent-based transport simulator. It will integrate data from novel sources, such as social networks, mobile phones and personal financial transactions. A core theme will be looking at accessibility of public transport systems within cities, mobility and location patterns.

The project's website is http://eunoia-project.eu/


Professor Michael Batty
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Oliver O'Brien
Research Associate 


We have already presented a 'sneak peak' of GEMMA, with particular emphasis on the OpenStreetMap Feature Highlighter Functionality, at the State of the Map EU conference in Vienna in July 2011. State of the Map EU is the European conference for users and contributors to the OpenStreetMap project. The project has only just begun but a forerunner of its focus is in the following article;

Andrew Hudson-Smith, Michael Batty, Andrew Crooks and Richard Milton (2009) Mapping for the Masses: Accessing Web 2.0 Through Crowdsourcing, Social Science Computer Review, 27, 4, 524-538, doi 10.1177/0894439309332299 


The main output of the project will be a web portal, a mobile map viewer and a mobile data collector. The web portal will allow maps to be created, data to be added, and mashups of GEMMA maps to be viewed.

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