The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


CASA Working Paper 179


14 February 2012

Planning the evolution of the transport network for a region of Naples

The continuing growth of urban regions coupled with their strong interactions with transportation systems places great emphasis on the co-evolution of these systems. In this paper an example of the use of a model of evolution within a network planning context is presented.

This builds on a previous paper (Pagliara, Wilson and de Martinis , 2011), and explores the consequence for network evolution in a case study of Naples arising from a new harbor which is under construction. Planning strategies have been explored both with and without budget constraints. 

Authors: Valerio de Martinis*, Francesca Pagliara* and Alan Wilson**

*Department of Transportation Engineering, University of Naples Federico II
**Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London

Publication Date: 14th February 2012


Download working paper No. 179. File size 2.27MB, PDF format.