The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


CASA Working Paper 153


1 February 2010

Developing Efficient Web-based GIS Applications

There is an increase in the number of web-based GIS applications over the recent years. This paper describes different mapping technologies, database standards, and web application development standards that are relevant to the development of web-based GIS applications. Different mapping technologies for displaying geo-referenced data are available and can be used in different situations.

This paper also explains why Oracle is the system of choice for geospatial applications that need to handle large amounts of data. Wireframing and design patterns have been shown to be useful in making GIS web applications efficient, scalable and usable, and should be an important part of every web-based GIS application. A range of different development technologies are available, and their use in different operating environments has been discussed here in some detail.

This working paper is available as a PDF. The file size is 789.33KB.

Authors: Paul Longley, Alex Singleton, Muhammad Adnan

Publication Date: 1/2/2010

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