The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


Aude Vuilliomenet

Aude Vuilliomenet

Thesis Title: Gardens of Things - The adoption of Internet of Things technology and Edge computing to increase citizens' engagement with urban biodiversity.

Primary Supervisor: Prof Duncan Wilson

Second Supervisor: Prof Kate Jones

Funding: EPSRC PhD Studentship

Start Date: October 2021


Aude is an EPSRC-funded doctoral researcher at the Barlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, associated with the Connected Environments Lab and Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research, UCL. Prior to her PhD, she worked as an engineer in the vertical farming industry, where she focused on the development of sensor networks to automate and optimise the growing processes of plants. 

Aude has a BSc. in Food Science from ETH Zurich, Switzerland and an MSc. in Smart Cities and Urban Analytics from University College London, UK.    

Research Summary 

Aude's research focuses on the application of IoT systems and edge AI within urban green infrastructures. She is interested to understand how data-driven technologies can enhance citizens' engagement with nature by exploring the role of data accessibility and data utilisation. Her research engages with various stakeholders (e.g., urban planners, ecologists, and forest school teachers) to explore how to sense, format, and share ecological and environmental variables from real-time and long-term monitoring. 

Research Themes

Internet of Things, Biodiversity Monitoring, Human-Computer Interaction, Data Physicalization.