The Bartlett School of Architecture


History and theory of architecture

McMorran & Whitby

The Bartlett School of Architecture has a dynamic history and theory research community made up of designers, historians, theoreticians, technologists, critics, filmmakers, activists and artists.

The research community conduct a wide range of work, from scholarly papers, to authored and edited books, creative writing, to collective practice, installations and exhibitions. Our staff have developed innovative approaches to history and theory teaching and pedagogy, strongly informed by their own research.

The community holds a termly forum, facilitating discussions for all staff concerning history and theory matters, within the context of the school, and within the arts, sciences and humanities more broadly. We also host public conferences, focusing on contemporary issues of relevance for architectural history and theory and provoking debates about the relation of historical, theoretical and critical issues in architecture and their relation to design, technology and professional practice. 

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Research Projects