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Bartlett Students and Lecturer Participating in Climate Art Residency

28 May 2021

Undergraduate Architecture students from UG2 will exhibit work as part of a public programme in Rye throughout June and July.

Alluvial Space 1 by Antonio Yang

The multi-disciplinary residency takes place at Bridgepoint Creative Centre in Rye, and is organised by Climate Art and Bridgepoint Rye, in collaboration with the Sussex Wildlife Trust. The residency, titled A Vanished Sea (Without A Trace), was launched in April and will run through June, with three resident artists (Alistair Debling, Mo Langmuir and Joseph Williams), and a programme of events. The programme explores themes of transience, ephemerality, and perishability within the context of environment and ecology.

Student Exhibition

Rye has been a focal point for students from Unit 2 (UG2) this academic year, as they have developed projects that challenge the notion that the built environment is separate or impervious to the natural world. They will showcase their proposals in an exhibition titled Natural State opening on 24th June. Their projects  embody spaces with novel aesthetic sensibilities of what ecological architecture could be beyond its current offerings with proposals for civic buildings, which embrace passive design strategies whilst engaging users’ imaginations to reconsider their sense of place within the biosphere.

The exhibition takes place from 26 June−25 July at Bridgepoint Rye, Rock Channel, Rye TN31 7DE - it is open to the public and free to attend.

Roundtable Talk

House by the Sea by Barry Wark

Barry Wark, who leads UG2 with Maria Knutsson-Hall, will also give a presentation as part of a roundtable discussion hosted by Gonzalo Herrero Delicado, exploring the role of architecture and design in creating solutions for the changing environment.

The roundtable takes place at 15:00 on 26 June at Rye Harbour Discovery Centre and is also free to attend.

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Lead: ‘Alluvial Space 1’ by Antonio Yang
1. ‘Kings Avenue Nursery’ by Charmaine Tang 
2. ‘Camber Pier’ by Seb Bellavia
3. ‘Alluvial Space b’ by Antonio Yang
4. ‘Alluvial Space A’ by Antonio Yang
5. UG2 design process images
6. ‘House by the Sea’ by Barry Wark